Suite 6
City House
131 Friargate
Formed: 06/01/2011

Reg No: 1143039

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Ummah Global Relief raise money to build orphanages that change the lives of underprivileged children by creating improve life chances & better education.

To date, thousands of people, families, widows and orphans benefitted from the projects and programmes we’ve implemented over the past 3 years. Creating a BETTER GLOBAL UMMAH – by improving the wellbeing of humanity, providing opportunities for women and the disabled and a better knowledge of Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims – is the primary goal of Ummah Global Relief.

Programmes and projects Ummah Global Relief has implemented, so far, includes:

- Disaster relief operations in Pakistan, Kenya, India and Jordan
- Feeding the poor through our Ramadan food packs and Qurbani projects in Pakistan, India and Kenya
- Education for orphaned children and training programmes for women in Pakistan and India
- Furtherance of Islam through building of mosques and sponsoring Madrasas for young girls in Pakistan and India.